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Working With Advance

When you contact us, after thoroughly discussing your signage needs, we will provide you a written quotation.  Included in the quotation, among other information, will be a brief description of the sign.  As a word of caution, if you choose to get more than one quotation, it is in your best interests to ensure that you are comparing similar products and services.  You should also inquire as to whether or not the work will be subcontracted to others.  During the quotation process you will also be informed of a high level timeline.  This timeline can be impacted by the length of time it takes for approved drawings and permits approvals from local municipalities.

Once you have selected Advance as your sign vendor we will need three items to move the project forward:

Upon receipt of the executed contract, deposit, and artwork we begin the following:

  • Design - Our design team will work with you to develop the sign you envisioned.  We will provide you with a full set of shop drawings that detail how your sign will look and be made.  When the final drawings are ready, we will ask for your approval to proceed.
  • Permits – Approved drawings in hand, we begin working with the local municipality to obtain all necessary permits for your signage.  This process insures that your business is in complete compliance with local codes and ordinances.
  • Production – Once we have secured approved drawings and permits, your sign is put into production.  Lead times vary depending on the particular project.
  • Planning - When your sign approaches the end of the production phase, we will contact you or your contractor to plan for a successful installation.  This process may include excavation, electrical requirements, or the final placement of the sign. 
  • Installation – Our professional installation staff arrive to make your sign vision a reality. 
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